Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Steinmart Pillow Fun

Given that Steinmart doesn't offer product photos online as some retailers do, I thought I'd bring the store to you. Join me on a little virtual shopping trip through the pillow department at my local Steinmart. Here are just a few of the unique pillows that I spotted on a recent visit:

This generously-sized soft blue and chocolate embroidered polka dot pillow caught my eye--I liked the trim detail as well. ($19.99)This moth (butterfly?) pillow would be a nice addition to a room with a neutral color palette.

I liked the detail on this pillow--other colors were available as well.
This pillow caught my eye because the frogs added a funky element to an otherwise very traditional fabric. This would work nicely in a room with other fall colors. ($16.99)
This yellow toile lumbar pillow is nice and fresh for spring. ($19.99)
The polka dots on these contemporary pillows are made up of spirals of satin cording. ($16.99)
This sign made me smile. Can ruffles be extreme? I imagine this read aloud by a monster truck announcer with a booming, echoing voice: "Extreme-eme-eme-eme Ruffles-uffles-uffles!!"In truth, the ruffles were extreme.

Some of my favorite "pillows" were napkins, AKA "potential pillows". I noticed that many of these cloth napkins were reversible--they were made up of two pieces of fabric sewn back to back--which made them ideal candidates for transforming into pillows. To make a pillow from a reversible napkin, just open one seam, fill the "pocket" with stuffing, and close the seam again. Voila! A fun pillow for $2.50! I may have to pick up a few of these to make some new pillows for my back porch.

And now for something completely different:

My women's singing/songwriting group heard about a video contest sponsored by Harris Teeter, a regional grocery chain, and we decided to write an original song and make a video to enter in the contest. If you want to see a short video featuring a bunch of women singing a blues song about shrimp and hamming it up in 1950's garb, I invite you to stop on over. For those of you whom I haven't met in person, I'm the backup singer with the long brown hair.

Registered Harris Teeter shoppers can comment and vote on videos on the HT website. One voter will win a $500 Harris Teeter gift card. Please feel free to vote for our video if you feel so inclined!

To see our video, please click here.