Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Copy Cat: Look-Alikes for Less

I don't seek out Pottery Barn Copy Cats; they just find me! This one found me when I was shopping for a pair of sandals. I have no explanation for how I ended up browsing in the pillow department when I was supposed to be looking for shoes. My best guess is alien abduction. In any event, this was a happy discovery.

For awhile now, Pottery Barn has offered their Textured Solid Pillow Cover accented with one or more prominent buttons (pictured in first photo). The Pottery Barn pillow covers (which do not include a pillow insert) are currently priced from $25 to $29. I've had several clients who have owned and enjoyed these Pottery Barn covers.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a very similar pillow (pictured in second photo) at my local Steinmart for $14.99! The cover on the Steinmart pillow is not removable, but the pillow itself is down-filled! $14.99 for a down-filled pillow that looks like it just stepped out of the Pottery Barn catalog?! Sounds like a deal to me! My local Steinmart carried a square pillow in khaki and red and a lumbar pillow (pictured below) in pale blue. For local readers, I spotted these at the Morrisville, NC Steinmart (9529 Chapel Hill Road).

Stay tuned for more fun Steinmart pillows!