Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tree Stump Tables

As you may have gathered from my other blog posts, I'm a big fan of furnishings and accessories that can work equally well in traditional and contemporary homes. Tables made from tree stumps fall nicely into this category, in my opinion. In a cottage they're cozy, and in an urban loft they're eclectic. I've spotted enough of these now that I had to blog about them. If you're "stumped" about where to find one, read on.

The tables on the top left are from Pottery Barn and are priced at $199-$299. West Elm (Pottery Barn's cheaper, more contemporary cousin) also offers a natural tree stump side table for $199 (photo top right). Page 38 of the March 2008 Issue of Domino Magazine featured a pricier tree stump stool from ABC Carpet and Home ($1,695, pictured bottom left). (Ah yes, that one must have been made from the stump of the fabled money tree!)

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and you want to "branch" out and make your own tree stump table like the ones in the lower right photo, Martha Stewart offers DIY instructions here.