Friday, February 20, 2009

Three Unconventional Floor Coverings

Sure, gleaming hardwood floors are gorgeous and tile is timeless, but I can't help but appreciate the creativity of these unconventional floor coverings:

Wine Crates

A Domino Magazine reader sent this photo for inclusion in the "Cheap Tricks" section of the Domino website. What a clever way to repurpose wine crates! I'm a little puzzled by the fact that this is a bathroom floor though--this idea seems more appropriate for a kitchen or a casual dining space to me.

Brown Paper Bags

Kathy Wilson, whose official title is "The Budget Decorator" offers this tutorial on how to create a rustic faux leather floor using torn brown paper bags. She adds that repairing damage to the floor just involves ripping up a new bag!

Recycled Leather Belt Floor Tiles
At $75 /sq.foot, these modular floor tiles from Ting are pricey, but what a neat idea!