Friday, June 3, 2016

DIY Small Space Laundry System Revisited

DIY small space laundry system using hanging laundry bags from The Red Chair Blog

In January of 2010, I wrote a post in which I shared my small space laundry solution: hanging two hanging laundry bags on double hooks one above the other on the back of a bathroom door to hold two full loads of dirty laundry without taking up any floor space.  The original post--which includes detailed DIY instructions for painting the bags--can be found here

Over the years, my DIY laundry system post has consistently been one of my top ten most visited posts.  Apparently Don Henley was right: people really do love dirty laundry!  Today, I wanted to circle back to reaffirm my love for these bags.  I'm happy to report that they are still going strong 7+ years after purchase. 

In my former home, I hung the bags one above the other on the back of the bathroom door as seen in these photos from 2010:

DIY small space laundry system using hanging laundry bags The Red Chair Blog storing laundry

Easy DIY small space laundry solution using hanging laundry bags from The Red Chair Blog
The system worked beautifully; the only problem that I noticed over the years was that when both bags were completely full of laundry, they threw off the alignment of the door a bit due to the weight.  This problem corrected itself as soon as the bags were "reset" to empty again.

After moving to a new house that has a bathroom layout without space behind the door, I decided to use drywall anchors to hang the bags on a side wall in my master bedroom closet.  Though the closet is tiny by today's standards--less than 4 feet wide and just over 3 feet deep--the bags fit right in.  The photo below shows placement.  Full disclosure: despite my appreciation of the KonMari Method and my earnest efforts at decluttering, I do in fact own more than one outfit!

Easy DIY laundry storage system using hanging laundry bags from The Red Chair Blog

This photo was taken last summer, but even today, these laundry bags look great and are still sturdy and strong.  In this day of planned obsolescence, it's refreshing to discover products that last.

I love these bags.  They're sturdy, affordable, easy to carry in one hand, and each bag holds a full load of laundry.  The hook at the top of the bag comes in handy for hanging the bag when you are transferring clothes to the washing machine. They're sold plain, but you can easily personalize them as I did in my original post.  The right organizing tools can make all the difference!

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