Wednesday, June 3, 2015

French Vegetable Chart

Cavallini framed French vegetable chart at The Red Chair Blog

Look what I found for under $5!  Technically, this pretty "Le Jardin" garden vegetable chart is sold as "wrapping paper", but seriously, who--besides maybe Darth Vader--would condemn this pretty paper to the fate of being torn up and thrown away?

This frame-worthy 20 x 28 inch sheet of "Le Jardin" wrapping paper from Cavallini Papers ($4.25 on Amazon) is a great value, especially when you consider how many "Cool Points" it racks up:

1. Uuber vintage (10 Cool Points)
2. Botanical (10 Cool Points)
3. Cottage style (10 Cool Points)
4. Farmhouse chic (10 Cool Points)
5. Includes escarole and other Martha-Stewart-Approved veggies (10 Cool Points)
6. Printed on archival paper from Italy (100 Cool Points)
7. Includes French words (1,000 Cool Points)

That's 1,150 Cool Points for less than 5 dollars.  Talk about value!  If you've got 5 minutes to invest in popping this "wrapping paper" into a frame (the one pictured above was from a thrift store), you will have yourself a darling new addition to your kitchen or dining room!  Bon Appetit!

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