Sunday, February 3, 2013

5 Minute Decorating: Layering With a Glass Dish

My daughter and I love to make handmade Valentines.  For the first half of February, we keep a Valentine-making "station" set up on our table stocked with a tantalizing array of art supplies--from classics like doilies and foil hearts, to fabric scraps, ribbon, stickers, markers, crayons, and the new preschool staple: glitter glue. 

Sometimes we invite friends over individually or in small groups to make Valentines with us.  One of my favorite tricks for creating an instant Valentine-themed serving platter is to layer a doily between a white plate and a clear glass plate.  Voila!  An instant, themed serving dish that can later be dismantled...and partially incorporated into a homemade Valentine! 

As you might recall from this post where I discussed using a jar within a jar, I always appreciate the versatility that glass offers for creating layered, changeable seasonal/holiday decor.  Happy "Valentining"!