Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Chair After My Own Heart

Today I am excited to introduce you to Red Chair Blog sponsor Dutch Design Chair.

This unique product gets an A+ grade in my book for a number of reasons:

1.It’s environmentally-friendly, as it is made from FSC-Certified corrugated cardboard.  I grew up reading decorating, design, and craft books from the 1970’s (which reflected that era’s earth-friendly ethos), so a cardboard chair sounds like a fantastic idea to me!  

2. It’s multi-functional.  I love stools in general for their versatility; they can serve as seating, bedside tables, footstools, end tables, coffee tables, etc.  I own one little wooden stool which has literally been painted 4 different colors over the last seven years because it has been moved around our house so many times to serve so many different purposes--it has even migrated to our covered front porch.  The Dutch Design chair takes versatility a step further by also having the capacity to stand on its head and serve as a storage cube.  It was originally designed for use at festivals--festival-goers could carry their picnic items in the box and then later use it as seating.

3. It’s lightweight, but also incredibly sturdy.  Though it weighs only 2 pounds, the Dutch Design Chair can support up to 440 pounds of weight.  This design element really impresses me.  Think about it: even ants, nature’s amazing weight-lifters, can only support up to 100 times their own weight.  This chair is stronger than ants!

4. It’s priced well--at just under 25 Euros (around 32 USD), it’s a unique piece at a sensible price.

5. As a decorator, I must point out that the chair is also neat-looking.  It’s one cool stool!  My favorites are the Tree Trunk and the Beechwood.  

I think the Tree Trunk would be a fun addition to a contemporary setting:

The Beachwood would be equally at home in a shabby chic beach cottage as it would be in an urban, brick-walled loft:

And now for the Dr. Seuss question: Where, oh where, can one buy that chair?

Well, the chair is produced in The Netherlands and has been a big seller there.  It is currently available in France, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Spain, Korea and Japan.  Unfortunately, there are currently no US sources for the chair, but it can be purchased through the Dutch Design Chair Website.  Shipping to the US is 35 Euros--about 46 USD.  Orders over $150 ship free, which may inspire some local entrepreneurs to order them in bulk!

To see more styles and learn more, please visit the Dutch Design Chair Website.