Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Minutes to Festive--Frame a Gift Bag!

A store called Carolina Pottery opened in my town not long ago, and I stopped in to have a look around. Carolina Pottery is a Southern chain of stores selling home decor items, furniture, housewares, wicker sets, craft and floral supplies, and holiday goods--but, oddly enough, very little actual pottery that I could see. I spotted some fun,vintage style gift bags and thought to myself, "Those are pretty enough to hang on the wall!" One look at the price tag clinched the deal.

To frame the gift bags, I just removed the ribbon handles and popped the bags into frames with the folded side down. Being the uber practical person that I am, I untied the knots in the handles rather than cutting them, just in case I ever want to use the gift bags bags!

For an investment of $1.98 and ten minutes of my time, I have some fun holiday art. This simple idea can be adapted to a number of holidays and occasions. Keep it in mind if you need last-minute decorations for a holiday party, birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower in the future!

If you have an appetite for more framing irreverence, you might enjoy this post that I wrote about framing silk greenery.

My Alternative Home Decor Database offers examples of more wild things--from framed doilies to wall-mounted oars--that can pass as art!

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