Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Light Switch Labels

My alternative title for this post was: "Let the Mocking Begin". Yes, I have endured lots of affectionate-yet-ruthless ribbing from friends and family members for my organizing systems over the years. The labeled freezer sections. The pre-printed grocery lists. The meal planning magnets. But I'll gladly endure a little more teasing if this tip can create a little more peace and order in one person's life!

The concept of labeling is nothing new in the world of organizing, but most folks don't think to use their label making machines to label...their light switches! In truth, I didn't think of it either! I was introduced to this idea when I had the pleasure of helping Linda Roggli transform an ordinary suburban home into the restful retreat center that is Garden Spirit Garden Retreat and Guest House. Linda, a life coach, ADHD coach, retreat facilitator, and founder of the ADDiva Network for women with ADD /ADHD, thought of every detail to make her guests more comfortable, including labeling light switches so that guests would know which switch worked which fixture. (Here's a quick ADD/ADHD self-test: Are you no longer reading this post because you clicked on the ADDiva Network link above?)

Labeling the switches next to your kitchen sink can save you and your house guests from grinding up innocent spoons in the garbage disposal in your attempt to turn on the light. Other good candidates for labeling:

  • Triple and quadruple switches
  • Switches connected to electrical outlets (For example, that one switch that you should never, ever turn off because it's connected to the outlet that powers your alarm clock.)
  • Switches in guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms
  • Indoor switches that work outdoor--and out of sight--lights

Label makers can produce water-resistant laminated labels (good for switches near sinks). You can also print your labels on a computer in a pretty font and cover them with transparent tape to make them more resilient.

And since light switches aren't exactly eye candy, here's a gratuitous photo of my daffodils for you. Happy spring!

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