Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feng Shui for Romance

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of arranging one's environment to be in harmony with nature's energy. My feng shui instructor emphasized the importance of improving the "wealth" and "marriage" areas of her clients' homes. She explained, "Few people ever complain that their marriage is too perfect or that they have too much money!" Valentine's Day is a great day to spend a few minutes improving the feng shui of the "marriage/relationship" corner of your master bedroom.

To start, locate the marriage corner of your room. Stand in the doorway so that you're facing into the room. The far right corner is your marriage corner:

Take a look at your marriage corner. What's in it? Is it piled to the ceiling with clutter or dirty laundry? Is it home to your video collection of every episode of "Divorce Court" that ever aired? Is it where you showcase your prized prickly cactus or your pet piranha, "Jaws"? I once worked with a client who discovered, much to her dismay, that her marriage corner held two overflowing garbage cans! Think about the symbolism of the objects in this part of the room. If it doesn't represent love and affection--and your current relationship--it doesn't belong in this corner.

So, what does belong in the marriage corner of your room?

  • Photos of you and your partner together--wedding photos are wonderful here!
  • Thriving live plants
  • Fresh flowers (Silk flowers are OK too, but dried flowers are a feng shui "no-no" because they are technically...dead!)
  • Candles (pairs are best)
  • Framed love letters or framed quotes about love
  • Pairs that represent love to you (for example, two "lovebirds")
  • Heart-shaped objects
  • Your marriage certificate or framed wedding invitation
The colors that are said to enhance this area are red, white, and pink. What a coincidence: Valentine colors! Pink can be tough to incorporate into most of today's color schemes, but red and white are good candidates. You may be able to repurpose a few of your Valetine's Day decorations here year-round. Maybe a silver heart-shaped dish to hold the necklace that your hubby gave you for your anniversary?

Be creative and have fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

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