Monday, November 9, 2009

Recycled Pumpkin Centerpiece

My friend Mary (whose historic former farmhouse I shared in this post) sent me this photo of a very creative, free DIY centerpiece that her sister-in-law made for Thanksgiving a few years ago using a pumpkin and leaves from Mary's backyard. This is a great idea that can be customized to the plants and flowers in your own yard. Best of all, it's perfect for procrastinators. Still have that uncarved Halloween pumpkin languishing on your front porch? In-laws bringing along Martha Stewart for Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours? No sweat; you've got it covered! Simply hollow out a pumpkin, place a vase or a glass jar full of water inside the pumpkin, and add plants and flowers. Voila! Simple, green, and très autumnal.

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