Sunday, June 28, 2009

Light Fixtures for Food and Wine Connoisseurs

As soon as I saw this unique wineglass chandelier in a client's home, I knew that I had to write about it. It's just such a clever design! (So clever, in fact, that it took three designers to design it: Björn Stillefors, Jörgen Pudeck & Gunnar Cedervall.)

I loved the fact that homeowners can transform the fixture by changing the color and style of the wineglasses that they choose to display on it. I also appreciate the practicality: it's storage & decor in one-- designed so that the stemware can be used and then hung back up again.

My client agreed to give me her source on one condition: that I promise not to tell her husband how much the fixture had cost! I agreed, keeping my fingers crossed that her husband wasn't the one male on the planet (besides my husband) who actually reads my blog. The fixture is available in two finishes: chrome and black, and three sizes:16 glass, 40 glass, and 76 glass. If you'd like your very own, it's available here. Note: the product does not include any electrical components; you will have to purchase a pendant lamp kit separately.

While we're on the subject of unique fixtures, I wanted to share this colander pendant light that I saw awhile back in the Napa Style catalog. It's made from an actual colander. The shiny chrome look (which is actually stainless steel) makes it traditional while the repurposing of a colander keeps it fresh and whimsical--a great design surprise. Unfortunately, this item is no longer available for purchase, but it seems to me that this might be a doable DIY project...if you had patience, Band-aids, and the right kind of drill bit. Oh, and some chocolate. What do you think?