Monday, December 15, 2008

Dreaming of a Green Christmas Part II

I received such a positive response to my last "Green Christmas" post that I decided to blog a "sequel"! Just in time for the arrival of your holiday guests, here are five more fun, green Christmas ideas:

1. Top a gift with one of these fabulous handmade bows made from magazine pages. Visit the Craftster site to see the tutorial from "Miss American Pie".

2. Transform a burned-out lightbulb into a grinning Grinch ornament! This image is from The Wicked Stepmom blog. Instructions can be found here.

3. Turn an aluminum can into a modern tree ornament with instructions from Esprit Cabane.

4. Heading to a holiday party? Dress your wine bottle in recycled duds with one of these wrapping suggestions from green guru Danny Seo. (Left: shirt sleeves. Right: festive newspaper.)

5.Make a whimsical wine cork Christmas tree with instructions from the December 2006 issue of Woman's Day Magazine. Photo credit: Make Mine Wine Magazine. Note: I'd skip the decorative beads and just use cork and wire.

Happy Holidays!